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Darren Porter - Light Speed

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Richard Durand - Pandora

Richard Durand is back with a stunner to make you dance till you drop begging for more.

Enriched with an enthralling synthline and filled with awesome fx nestled in the whole tune, this is a beauty that comes to conquer your mind on the dancefloor.

Lostly - Head On

Lostly - Head On (Original Mix) [Outburst Twilight] After the huge success of Lostly’s recent ‘Spotlight’ album, it’s now time to unleash a selected handful of the ‘Extended’ versions of his album tracks as standalone singles. We kick off the proceedings with one of our album favourites ‘Head On’. This is a seriously relentless acidic banger that has enough ‘uplift’ to cause an emotional meltdown in the breakdown and enough ‘acid’ to melt the hardest of cast-iron ravers to their knees! This is a behemoth banger that should not be ignored!

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