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Bell Size Park


Biography, Bell Size Park was founded in 1994 by DJ Shlomy Kaufman, one of Israels top DJ/Producers and the current members are  DJ Shlomy Kaufman and David “Dudu” Kamenshin.  DJ’ing since 1989 in the Tel Aviv underground scene, Kaufman took his first steps in electronic dance music production in 1994 together with Yoav Regev & Ronni Burla under the name Bell Size Park.

This Goa trance project lasted until 1998 and had some great success in the Holy land and beyond. Bell Size Park’s debut album called The Truth Is Here on BNE Records sold more than 1  thousand copies in Israel alone and got amazing reviews. It was an album that paved the way for other Israeli trance artists.

In 2009 Kaufman re-formed Bell Size Park and added a new member, guitar player David “Dudu”Kamenshin. Bell Size Park returned because of the growing fan base and because of the Goa/Psy trance revival all over the world.  During the last years Bell Size Park has supported live acts such as : The Prodigy, Ozric Tentacles, Man with No Name, Prana, Astral Projection, Eat Static, Yahel and many more.

In 2009 the band released a great number of tracks, ep’s and lp’s. In 2014 Bell Size Parc released the 2nd official Bell Size Park album “Angels in Sequencers” on Zombster Records Italy. In 2017 Bell Size Park launched their new side project “Darkfall” , a powerful Psy/Prog project. The debut ep was immediately signed by Doctor Spook, manager of Parabola Music.

Bell Size Park’s live performance is a psychedelic experience with live instruments on stage, mixed and infused with top notch technology. The band is performing live all over the world at some of the biggest festivals and parties such as Psilosiva, Lost in Time, Unity Festival, Tinkerbell Festival, Future Forest, From here to Eternity and many more.

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