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Darren Porter

Darren Porter


From the humble surroundings of the north east of England, near Newcastle, Darren Porter began his musical journey experimenting with keyboards and pianos and without the ability to read music and not one music lesson he was able to learn what made music work, from this he began to write small film scores for independent short films, but his real passion lay with electronic music.

Whilst not ready to let the world hear his music Darren held back until he was happy with what he could hear, he then entered the DzDave Pearce Bedroom Producerdz competition which he won after Dave heard his track DzTerminationdz only hours before the show went live before it was subsequently signed to Oceanstate Recordings giving Darren his debut release as a trance producer.

Since then his upward spiral as a world-renowned producer has been relentless and shows no signs of waning any time soon. His music has seen releases on some of the scenes top labels. Releases on Armin van Buuren’s DzArmada Musicdz, Sean Tyas’DzTytanium Recordingsdz, Aly & Fila’s DzFuture Sound of Egyptdzsuch as DzTerrafrmingdz, DzSpellbounddz, DzThe Voiddz and his DzNeptuesdzseries of collaborations with Ferry Tayle have all amassed great support charting very highly with numerous Top 10’s and a few number 1s in the past 12+ months including his recent FSOE release, DzDeep Bluedz which shot straight to the top spot and stayed inside the chart months after release, being branded as a true DzTrack of The Yeardz contender for 2015.

As well as his originals, Darren has built a steady reputation for driving and hard, euphoric, uplifting remixes known to deliver huge energy. All his remixes have been supported by some of the biggest DJís on the planet.  Like his originals, his remixes have also done very well winning many accolades and track of the week/month awards on endless radio shows and podcasts. This inevitable success lead ot many top DJs personally requesting his remix services with artists such as Sean Tyas, Manuel le Saux the most recent recipients of the Porter treatment n recent productions..

Darren’s continuous success with his music has given him the platform to perform across the globe at world renown events such as Dreamstate, & Beyond Wonderland in the USA, Transmission and Trancefusion in Czech Republic, Grotesque, Luminosity and Quest4Trance in The Netherlands, Digital Society and Goodgreef in UK, Techno Club and Legendary Festival in Germany and Next Universe in Switzerland. We add to this list regular club bookings in Australia, South America and Europe and it doesn’t take long to understand how in demand an artist Darren is.

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