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Alex Mart

Alex Mart


Through his music, Alex Mart expresses what cannot be saidwith words and what is impossible to remain silent about. His DJ sets and tracks go from the sweetest and most sensual
Deep to the most melodic and elegant Techno, combining electronic music with acoustic and vocal hits.
Always with one single objective in mind, one single feeling, making you move not only your body, but also your “SOUL”.
Born in Malaga (Spain), his artistic career started in 2008. His talent has been seen in the Andalusian radio station “Loca FM” as a Host and Coordinator, in multiple Spanish venues as a Resident DJ, and in several labels (Overnight, La Diosa, Les Gens Normaux, Papaya Music, among many others) as a Producer, Event Promoter and Event Organizer.

With a career that spans over 10 years, Alex Mart has DJ’ed in booths all over the world - Spain, France, Dominican Republic, Morocco and the Netherlands, where he currently resides and works since 2011 and where he has launched his career as a Music Producer.

His first single (Only Cats Live Forever) unveiled the start of
what will be his discography. In 2018 he co-founded the label PAPAYA Music together with his partner and friend Gabo Lora, as a way to showcase their musical work and audiovisual events, as well as to build a
place where to feel at home surrounded by family. According to his motto, “MUSIC” is the only flag that unites us all equally.

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