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Isis Cloudt

Isis Cloudt


Just 18 years old and her only passion is music. Dutchy ‘Isis Cloudt’ is going strong and her game is getting better every day. The effort she‘s been putting in for years is getting translated to major shows and gained a good fan following

Yes, there are some female DJs making money via cheap strategies. But Isis is not one of them. She believes in being genuine and sticking to the game only for music. That’s the only reason why she has played alongside some of the best in the industry

Her performance is unique with a highly energetic, raw and dark style you’ve never heard before.

Behind the decks she blows you away with her own energetic sound. #MC #Scratching #Perfecttransitions #Crowdreader #Performer #Musiclover #Thenewsound

Isis performed at +250 events, and easily adapts to the crowd. Improvisation, creating high energy, playing mashups, bootlegs and freestyling is what she does best.

5 years ago she starts producing her own tracks in Ableton Live. Her bass house track called “back to the basics” is signed on a record label. Her tracks are published on Beatport and Spotify. Isis’ sound is combining oldschool unique sound design, catchy melodies and fat and raw basslines.

Radio station SLAM FM recently played Isis live recorded mixtapes on their radio show.

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