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We are going on a journey………


Are you willing to move towards a higher destination where peace and goodwill reside continuously, where love dwells eternally and where all things are, indeed, possible???

Please let the sounds and the music be your guide whilst you travel far and wide, without ever moving…


Who needs a magic carpet when you can fly like this?


Alien Project

Electronic artist Ari Linker


……. The Story So Far…….

" who is this Alien” : the man behind the mask?" I hear you ask.... Ari Linker  from Israel 'up-and-at-em', full-power psychedelic trance....His music has a feel which is consistent with all good musicians and rarely fails to move you and it usually resonates at all levels of your being.

The lower/bottom-end of the Alien sound, which is so important, just as the drummer and the bassist are the heart-engine of any good Rock band) is well taken care of by Ari and you are never left searching for missing frequencies.

In other words, the sound is solid, substantial and complete. The kick drums and the bass sequencers provide a warm tonal depth and a firm foundation which rolls along quite effortlessly while all manner of intricate percussive rhythms, melodies and harmonies, along for the ride, play out a symphony of sounds, surfing like a wave of delight that moves inexorably onwards and upwards, pausing only briefly for breath or atmospheric interludes.

So how did the Alien get to sound as good as he does? Well firstly, as anyone with even half a brain will tell you, genius is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration and that is the nature of the beast – it takes hard work, elbow grease and dedication qualities that are easy to dream about but putting them into practice is another story all together! Although obviously this is not the case for Ari, who has spent more than an entire.. decade diligently devoting his time and energy to the thing that he loves most…..his music! His quest for perfection has led him a merry dance as he strives to improve all his talents –strengthening his production techniques, enhancing his musical and technical understanding,always tweaking here and there, ensuring to the best of his abilities that all the right sounds are in all the right places.

Raja Ram : Ari  has been pretty much ‘on the road’ with it since 1994 when he made his first appearance in Goa, India.This is the much celebrated birth-place of the now world- wide ‘psychedelic’ Trance movement, which is why the music was first called ‘Goa Trance’. (Soon to become ‘Psychedelic Trance’, then just ‘Psy- Trance’, ‘Power Trance’, ‘Progressive’ and the latest, ‘New-delic’ follows a host of other limiting and often silly pseudonyms that never do the music justice and usually only serve to confuse the listener or pigeon-hole a universe of sound into a small and ill-fitting genre that cannot contain the full spectrum of what is really on offer with the sound of the future….?) Many dedicated party people from all over the world used to make a kind of pilgrimage to Goa every year to enjoy the sun, the sea, but mostly the music and the parties, which have gained a truly legendary status around the world, and rightly so, for only the best musicians, live-acts and dj’s would gather for these special awe- inspiring events. Alien Project has been invited back to perform in Goa every year since those heady days of ’94 and he has built up a large fan-base of adoring aliens who continue to follow his sound around the globe, always hungry for his latest track, remix or collaboration. Of course Goa isn’t the only place in which the Alien Sound has been appreciated. Far from it! Although it’s probably true to say that this is where Ari really honed his talents and began to build on his sound, as well as his loyal following, in actual fact, Alien Project has, by now, been right around the world. So much so that it would probably be easier to list the places in which the Alien hasn’t been seen or, more importantly, heard!

Ari played  truly spectacular parties, all kinds of festivals in Israel , Love Planet ,Voov Festival in Germany, Expo 98 in Portugal, the Arvika in Sweden, Solstice Music Festival, Fuji Japan ,Space Ibiza Pacha & outdoor party’s, The Skol Festival in Brasil, XXXperience, Tribal Tech ,Orbital ,Euphoria, Kaballah, Soul Vision,1200 Festival, Playground and many more amazing places at the Samba Land, The Aca Fest in Acapulco, The Pyramid Atmosphere by Ommix , Time & Space , Playa Del Carmen, The Omni in Spain, Thailand, Alien Safari,  South Africa, Samothriki Greece, Belgium, Argentina, Chile, Mannali in India, Goa, Full Moon Festival, Moscow, Belgrade, Skopje, Barcelona, Italy London, France, Element in Denmark, Portugal Crystal Matrix, Ozora Festival Hungary and a Million and one other outdoor parties.

And what of the other music that Alien Project has produced in his long and illustrious career, apart from the already prolific five glorious albums that mentioned previously?Ari Linker has a vast portfolio of tracks and compositions that he has produced, re-mixed, and compiled for a veritable plethora of artists, record labels, distribution companies, media entertainment giants, and would you believe it, even a Hollywood Film Studio! Now that’s surely going places? Which film could that be you’re wondering?? Ah…that would be the Hollywood Block-Buster ‘Man On Fire’, made just a few short years ago and starring an enigmatic and brooding Denzel Washigton,,,( the only black actor to win an Oscar since Sidney Poitier!! ) unless Halle Berry got one for looking so good in that cat- suit recently??Right in the middle of this serious crime film, you are suddenly witness to a rave/underground party scene with two thousand ravers all going hell for leather in a dubious district of Mexico Cit or somewhere just like that anyhow. The music you hear playing at the rave is by Alien Projectand it’s a tune called “One Good” which has been lifted from his third, and rather special album, ‘Aztechno Dream’, which was released on the much loved T.I.P Record Label.

Alien Project also features on something that is probably resident in the homes of millions of unsuspecting young people, busily playing away on their latest computer games?Ari was snapped up by mega entertainment giant Sony for their hugely popular ‘Grand Turismo 4’ series which has probably captured the attention of a billion excitable kids across the globe.So as they race around their screens in bedrooms, howling and squealing with delight, it’s no wonder they are full of energy and who knows, Alien Project might have silently inured a million happy children to the sounds of their future…….???

Add to all of this, the many and varied earlier Alien Project releases, including two for Cosmic Communications, Siesta Ambient Compilation, Phonokol Records, Twisted Records (London),Spun Records and Solstice Japan, Alien Project also released some great music with the Grand Daddy of all the originalPsy-Trance’ Record Labels and they, of course, are T.I.P. (The Infinity Project).Alien Project is the man behind some rather good compilations that have been released too….such as Phonokol’s ‘Most Wanted’, Solstice’s ‘Delicious’ compilation and T.I.P’s ‘Nuclear Visions of Israeland manny more …




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Nuclear Visions of Israel



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