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The Producer & Hybrid-Liveact Duo from Germany, HumanAudioWorkstation, has its own definition of Techno, which everybody can hear in the tracks they´ve released and in the sets they play at events. 

HumanAudioWorkstation is releasing their music at well-known labels like IAMT, Reload Records, Eclipse Recordings, Dolma to name a few and their tracks are being played and supported by artist like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Spartaque, and a many more.

They also had a lot of Top 100 chartings on Beatport with their tunes and etablished their name in the techno scene with their sound and performances.

Thorsten & Hannes are performing a Hybrid-Liveset, which means that Thorsten plays  loops and tracks on 4 decks Traktor which Hannes is adding with own elements from Ableton and Maschine. With this combination of a liveset and dj´ing, they are creating a unique sound. 

The two guys from HumanAudioWorkstation are always playing a punchy Techno with emotional elements,  which can’t be compared with any other act.

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