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Manuel Bayer

Manuel Bayer


Manuel Bayer was born in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) 1988 andgained a huge interest for electronic music during his early childhood years. He started playing the piano at a very young age and got more and more passion for techno in his teenager years. Manuel followed several techno DJ’s and digged into the world of electronic music and finally found his calling. Ever after the music became a big part of his life and his personality, so he mobilized all of his resources and moved from Freiburg to Frankfurt.

In 2011 Manuel worked at the popular event agency „envy”. During his apprenticeship as a management assistant in event organisation, he evolved weekly party concepts at high class locations like the legendary CocoonClub at the party series FAKE and ENVY MY MUSIC. In a minimum of time Manuel was into the club scene of Frankfurt and began to work as a DJ. His speciality switched from organizing to producing and made the music mixes for the FAKE-Partys, several shows at Tanzhaus
West, the Velvet Club plus some big gigs in Freiburg. In 2014 he created his own radio show called Wohnzimmer FFM. He went to apartments of young regional artists and gave them the opportunity
to promote their music via live stream. The show got good reviews.

At the beginning of 2018 Manuel finally made the cut and moved to Berlin. In June 2018 Manuel released his first Single “Summer Bells”. The summer track were at place 5 in the Deep House Charts and place 16 in the Dance Charts ( At the moment Manuel produce
tracks for his first EP. Manuels repertoire covers a wide range of electronic music, tech house
and many variations of techno. Every mix is flled with passion and Manuel shows his experience and skills at every show. When he’s performing the crowd goes wild and digs deep into the music. Now, he founded his Daisy Dans Records label and is producing his own style “Daisytech”.

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